Welcome to Overdream Studio! We specialise in diverse areas of audio production & post like mixing music, stereo mastering, music composition, advertising, TV and film sound post, on location recording and more.

Our audio technicians and producers are well versed in all styles from RnB to Reggae, Pop to Rock and Psytrance to Club Dance Music. You can contact us for more information or a service tailor made to suit your particular needs. Illustrated below are a few of many areas that we specialise in.

Our Services:

- digital CD stereo mastering (including multitrack*);
- mixing music;
- restoration and possible improvement of audio material**;
- advertising, TV and film sound post production.

* Multitrack mastering gives us more versatility in processing for better results. Classic multitrack mastering example is separating complete song into 3 different sources - main vocals, instruments and rhythm. With electronic music it can be separated as 4 tracks: kick, bass, all rhythm elements (high hats, percuission, fill loops etc), and the rest. Multitrck mastering requires more efforts and time from both the artist and the studio but gives better results with less or no compromises.

Basic requirments to the files which are being prepared for the multitrack mastering are the same as for regular mastering: no clipping, the bigger resolution - the better and no down- or upsampling from your side. What you need to do is to create separate groups and export (bounce) them into separate tracks. Please make sure to clearly label each group for each song or composition. We accept up to 5 groups of tracks.

Please keep in mind that multitrack mastering in no way replaces mixing the song or composition.


** Includes:
- removing noise, hiss, crackles, pops, chops and other artifacts of digital copies of analog tapes, cassettes or gramophone records;
- improving quality of self-made recordings of interviews or other similar material; - enhancing any existing music, dialogue or sound effects audio tracks for any further utilization such as music advertising TV or film.

Audio restoration and enhancing is a subjective process and can be individually varied to get the perfect result for You.